Soundskilz Entertainment Inc. (SEI) provides Extraordinary Wedding Entertainment. Our Wedding Event Specialists help wedding couples create wedding entertainment that reflects the individuality, personality and tastes of each bride and groom for a unique, truly memorable Wedding.

All too often, brides settle for second best wedding entertainment thinking that “it is not that important.” They may spend extra on flowers, or the photographer, or special chair covers that match the napkins and tablecloth and the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses, but they skimp a little on the entertainment.

Professionals know that it is the entertainment (and DJs) that control the flow and create the exciting ambiance that gives the photographer those great pictures! And the guests remember the music, dancing and good time they had, but they usually don’t remember the color of the flowers!

Our clients expect the best in entertainment and value great service. While anyone can buy professional equipment and learn to push buttons, it is only a true professional who can learn to read the crowd, mix the music and interact with the guests to create an event like no other. Simply put, you get what you pay for and Soundskilz DJ’s are the best!

Visit our showroom for your Wedding Design Consultation and meet with your personal Wedding Event Specialist to explore your ideas for your perfect wedding, view a brief video, and receive your individualized Wedding Planner.

Don’t settle for ordinary Wedding Entertainment — Demand the best! Contact Soundskilz Entertainment today!

Information and FAQs for Weddings

  • Rates: Our rates reflect the quality of our services. We do offer value with a variety of packages for our exceptional services. Our rates range depending upon your needs and services. A good average price for ceremony, entertainment, consultation and coordination services for our wedding clients ranges from $2000.00 – $3000.00. We offer a free written quote good for 30 days with every appointment. Additionally, we offer discounts for military personnel, and for service/events taking place during off peak times.
  • Coverage Time: The duration of time of the performance, from start time on your contract to end time on your contract, or as agreed to by both parties, excluding setup and dismantle.
  • Setup/Strike: Normally no charge, though some locations do have more stringent requirements, where setup/strike fees may be required.
  • Online Wedding Planner: An internet-based wedding planning service, which is free of charge for all SEI clients, allows you to coordinate and plan almost all aspects of your weddings, input special events, timelines, names of important people, and even listen to suggested music, all at your convenience.
  • Experience: The average age of our DJs is 31 years old. The majority of our DJs have more than 6 years wedding experience and more than 10 years in the music industry experience. We use this experience to be interactive and not “button pushers.” Our DJs are some of the best in the industry!
  • Equipment: Our staff uses only the top-of-the-line professional equipment, including JBL, QSC, Rane, Numark and others.
  • Music: We carry more than 40,000 titles of music from the 20s to current. Our selections come edited and are available in most music genres: country, rock, flashback, disco, funk, hip-hop, pop, Latin, reggae, and more!
  • Retainer Fee: 25% of your total amount, non-refundable, only transferable up to 90 days prior your wedding (restrictions and conditions apply).
  • Final Payment: Due one (1) month prior to event date and is subject to late fees. Please read your contract carefully.
  • Insurance: We provide $1,000,000.00/$2,000,000.00 liability insurance for all events. We are also able to name the venue as an “additionally insured” and provide documentation to the venue. As an added resource, we are able to provide our clients access to “event insurance” to insure the event itself.
  • Credit Cards: Accepted only from our secure online planner. The preferred payment method is cash or check. SECURITY DEPOSIT in case of bounced check.
  • Professional Attire: Worn by all of our entertainers and directors.
  • Written Contract: Provided to assure you are getting what you paid for.
  • Professional Wedding Director: Although we highly recommend using a professional wedding coordinator, our wedding directors and MCs facilitate all of the event’s activities run in a smooth and timely manner.
  • Video Montage: A collection or slideshow of pictures shown on a video screen using a DVD Player and an LCD Projector. Montages use custom titles and songs selected by the bride and groom, then recorded on 2 DVDs as a wedding keepsake.
  • Performer Meeting: Professional meets with you to discuss any questions or concerns that may arise.
  • Lighting & Special Effects: Optional extras that can be added to any entertainment package, whether the setup is inside or outside. There are many types of lighting packages, including Dance Floor, Ambient, and Show/Production.
  • Final Walk Through: One (1) month before your Wedding date, you and your DJ double-check your timelines, music and information to ensure the smooth-running of your Special Event.

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